BayInCo Mindworkout
– To reach your full potential

At BayInCo we build all our interim matches based on our valuation basis; Professional, Pragmatic and Personal, as we learned that it is the combination of these three basic factors that make us as people the best version of ourselves,
i.e. Be All You Be Pray.

If “Professional” and “Pragmatic” have to do with background and attitude, the value base “Personal” has to do with behaviors and warmth including taking care of and being kind to oneself.

To facilitate, inspire and stimulate everyone in our network to take care of themselves in the best way, we have therefore created the concept we call BayInCo Body & Mindworkout.

Are you ready to invest time in your mental health?

In the unique BayInCo Mindworkout program, you will be able to learn mental techniques for increased well-being, stress management and sustainable performance. In addition, you will learn to take care of your brain and heart, with mental training methods from positive psychology, CFT, elite sports, mindfulness and meditation. Based on neuroscience. With a strong focus on practical exercises. Such as e.g.

  • 4 Educational workshops with theory and reflection. Live and recorded
  • Mindworkout session 30 min, live via zoom every week with practical mental training of the week’s tools and for valuable recovery, to train conscious presence and self compassion.
  • Mental gym – Short recorded Mindworkout sessions where you can practice on your own, when it suits you between sessions. As support, you also have a buddy and an individual target plan.

Regular price is SEK 6,500 incl. VAT, but as a member of the BayInCo network the price is reduced to SEK 3,000 ex. VAT if you can invoice or SEK 3,750 incl. VAT if you pay privately.

The program fits within the framework of the swedish “Friskv√•rdsbidrag”, according to the Swedish Tax Agency’s rules (Skatteverket).