The best environment for innovative and solution-oriented Interim specialists in finance and accounting. A positive workplace, where you have every opportunity to reach your full potential.


One Contact

A personal coach who looks after your needs, goals, interests and future. A person who accompanies you on your journey.

One network

A community where everyone is part of the same network and where you get both social and knowledge exchange, whilst being part of a team.

One solution

We are always looking for win-win solutions. This is why we have generous benefits and a transparent compensation model that would benefit you.

One Academy

Be part of our academy, our knowledge center, here you get the opportunity to both acquire and share your knowledge.

one set of values

Our goal is to always meet agreed expectations, seek solutions that are good for everyone, reach our full potential and have fun along the way.


Do you like the way we think, do you share our values ​​and want to reach your full potential?

Everyone at BayInCo gets the opportunity to share our network and take advantage of opportunities to grow and have fun.

We have many different types of customers, from large international to small and medium-sized companies. Companies that are going through changes or are just growing to their breaking point.

We are looking for you because you value transparency, trust and partnership. You are open, positive and like to try new things and work in new environments. This may mean that you are already a consultant or a skilled economist with a finance and accounting background and a few years’ experience of independent working.

Above all, you like to work in an inspiring and developing environment. No matter your background, you are convinced that you will add value to the customer by sharing your knowledge and skills.

If this sounds exciting, don’t hesitate to get in touch. At BayinCo you can reach your full potential and “Be All You can be”.