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Marcus Ericsson in focus

Meet Marcus Ericsson from Suicide Zero “A Värmlander in Gothenburg who is daring you to ask “Våga fråga”.

1,500 take their lives every year in Sweden. Meet Marcus from Suicide Zero who shares his story, how he got help himself and how he helps others today by raising this issue and spreading the knowledge among sports associations, schools and companies. Gain insight into how complex the issue is, but how “easy” it is to become a small part of the solution and make a huge difference if you only “Dare to ask”.

It can be all it takes to restore a person’s ability to reach their full potential, Be All You Can Be!

If you want to learn more and get better at what you can do, we can recommend the following courses and texts produced by Suicide Zero:

  • Dare to ask pocket – Suicide Zero’s shortest training in about 20 minutes, works on mobile and computer –
  • Open lectures – Free digital lectures with Suicide Zero every month –
  • Facts and advice about suicide –

Don’t forget that if you need help, it’s always available at:

and is it urgent

  • call 112

,but never forget “Dare to ask”