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Marcus Scoliege in focus

What do you know about Gothenburg?

and who would have thought Ice cream can feature so highly………

Meeting Marcus Scoliège (Head Foreign Direct Investment) from @Business Region Gothenburg was a very special opportunity. Marcus himself is a foreigner to Gothenburg and has lived in Sweden for many years supporting the growth of our once small city. Gothenburg boasts many different accolades like No1 on the list of Sweden’s best logistics locations and 34% of Sweden’s private sector R&D investments are made in Gothenburg’s county. It will also offer many job opportunities with over 120 000 jobs created until 2035. This will bring new ideas and skills, create diversity and add to the fabric of a dynamic, growing city.

Gothenburg is the most sustainable city destination (Global Destination Sustainability Index, 2023). The ambition is to be emission free by 2030 and by this creating green city zones. Gothenburg Green City Zone is initially comprised by the central parts of Gothenburg, from Lindholmen, via the Event District, to Forsåker in Mölndal. Areas to generate potential for companies, societal stakeholders, and the research community to test, develop, and scale up their ideas.

Gothenburg’s three science parks are important components of the region’s innovation ecosystem. They offer cooperation-friendly environments perfect for initiating testbeds and collaborations, among other things. In Gothenburg, there are extraordinary wealth of expertise, high level of academia, cutting-edge test beds, a high standard of education, and a skilled workforce comprising engineers and IT-trained professionals, Gothenburg is at the forefront of innovation. The collective of competence spans across 98% of Sweden’s industries, driving progress and excellence in every field.

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