Flexible Work Revolution: Are Interim Consultants Leading the Way?

The gig economy and the use of specialists and interim consultants has grown rapidly in recent years and is expected to grow on a global basis by between 14-17% annually. According to Business research insight, May 2023, the Gig market will double within 5 years and according to the same study, 80% of the surveyed companies plan to increase the share of flexible services. In the USA, it is expected that over 50% of the workforce will be part of the Gig economy as early as 2027 and even if we are behind in Sweden compared to the USA, England and France who have come the farthest, we are starting to see similar trends here as well. 

More and more Swedish and multinational companies mix fixed and flexible services to increase flexibility, implement projects that would otherwise not be done or to bridge parental leave and new recruitments so that you do not lose knowledge due to too short handovers. 

Already today, many companies use interim consultants as an effective and flexible way to reduce risk, speed up savings by implementing efficiency projects with the right skills or to free up time for internal staff. Others want to secure a high degree of flexibility that can be quickly adapted to the business. 

We’re not there yet overall, but interim is no longer a must, a mix is becoming the new normal. We already see companies that today have almost a third of their workforce as interim consultants so that they can quickly adapt to economic changes, but also to get access to knowledge exchange so that they have the right skills at the right time, which can be when they carry out projects or that bring in a specialist during a parental leave and uses that time as an opportunity instead of just seeing it as a bridge. However, the question you have to ask yourself is always why you want to do it and to what extent. 

Is it to fill a gap, cover a parental leave, increase flexibility in peaks, bring in specialist skills or to carry out improvement projects. Sometimes there may not be just one reason, there may be several. Simply what suits you best and what do you want to get out of it? 

Are you facing any of these challenges or thinking about what is best for you? Feel free to get in touch and we’ll offer you a cup of coffee and listen to your thoughts. 

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