What’s on 2024 – AI does the work

AI doing the job is the second of three drivers for 2024 that we took the opportunity to take part in Cairo’s futures future scouting for 2024, where they present three drivers that will change the world forever.

1) The green wave washes over everything
2) AI does the work
3) A vertical world

What these mean, the driving forces mean, as well as our own reflections, you can take part in here as we go through and reflect on what will happen when “AI does the job” and how that driving force will affect the Gig economy.

AI does the work
On November 30, 2022, ChatGPT was released, marking the beginning of a global AI race. Already, Microsoft has integrated AI support into all its office products, such as Word, Excel, Teams, and more, and Google is following suit. This means that soon, most people will be able to accomplish much more, and at a higher quality, than today. By June, 26% of Swedish office workers were already using generative AI in their jobs, with most using it daily or weekly. They reported completing tasks 27% faster with AI than without. However, this is just the beginning. We can now start organizing groups of bots to collaborate in solving problems. This means that knowledge workers in the future may not only be managers of digital assistants but may even become “chairpersons” of “companies” consisting solely of AI bots handling everything from innovation and design to customer care. But there are always downsides. One concerns jobs – what happens to them when AI becomes widespread? Another relates to how these bots can be used to create disinformation campaigns and drive cybercrime. With just a handful of images and a 3-minute video, we can already create almost perfect deepfakes to deceive the world. Finally, the question remains whether we are now giving birth to a future superintelligence that is entirely indifferent to the well-being of humans. If so, it may be time to plan for settlement on Mars.

The adoption and integration of AI, as described in the text, will likely have a significant impact on the gig economy. The use of AI in various office tasks can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, allowing gig workers to complete their tasks more quickly and at a higher quality. This could potentially result in more work opportunities and higher income for gig workers. As AI becomes more prevalent, the demand for certain gig jobs may change, and new opportunities in managing or collaborating with AI systems could emerge. However, gig workers may find themselves in competition with AI systems that can perform certain tasks faster and more efficiently. This could require gig workers to upskill or transition to roles that complement AI capabilities. The increased efficiency and automation brought about by AI may affect gig workers’ bargaining power, leading to changes in compensation structures and income levels.
Overall, while AI integration in the workplace may create new opportunities for gig workers, it also presents challenges that need to be navigated, emphasizing the importance of adaptability, upskilling, and a proactive approach to changes in the gig economy.

But one thing is always certain, with more AI technology the personal becomes increasingly important, so continue to be Professional, Pragmatic and Personal, and you will also continue to reach your full potential.

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