What´s on for 2024 – Insights and drivers

For 2024, we took the opportunity to explore Kairos Future’s future insights regarding the year 2024, which we are pleased to share with all of you in a summarized form. Follow us regularly if you want to gain insights into the factors and driving forces that will influence us in the near future, starting as early as this year.

What’s on 2024 – by Kairos Future

2024 is the year of many elections. More than half of the world’s population is heading to the ballot boxes – in India, the USA, the EU, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, and many other places. The results, far from certain, may determine our future for a very long time. And the elections will be manipulated – with AI and by foreign powers. It’s not even certain that they will be decided by the main contenders. The U.S. presidential election, as so many times before, may be determined by some insignificant outsider. Like billionaire Ross Perot in 1992, consumer activist Ralph Nader in 2000, or peace activist Jill Stein in 2016. This year, it could be RFK Jr., the environmental lawyer turned conspiracy theorist, or once again Stein.

The uncertainty about the future is not only about national politics and political choices. It is just as much about the consequences of these on the geopolitical stage, for the climate issue, regulations, and the future of our era’s dominant technology – AI.

But despite uncertainty and confusion, it is important to affirm what we can be sure of. And that is that three major driving forces will continue to set the stage for 2024 and several years to come. And the consequences of these driving forces will be numerous and dramatic.

Yet, amidst uncertainty and confusion, there are glimpses of hope for a better future.

Three driving forces changing the world forever:

1) The green wave washes over everything.
2) AI takes over the job.
3) A vertical world.

What these driving forces mean according to Kairos Future, as well as our own reflections, will be shared with you here on our news pages in the coming weeks.

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