What´s on for 2024 – The green wave is sweeping over everything

The green wave is sweeping over everything is the first of three driving forces for 2024 that we took the opportunity to share during Cairo Futures’ 2024 futures scouting, where they present three driving forces that will change the world forever

1) The green wave is sweeping over everything
2) AI does the work
3) A vertical world

What these means, the driving forces mean, as well as our own reflections, you can find out here, and first is “The green road washes over everything” and how that driving force will affect the Gig economy.

The green wave is sweeping over everything

The green wave is not about people’s longing for a more rural existence; it represents the overarching wave of transformation sweeping across the world regardless of political decisions. Even though China is the world’s largest polluter, 2024 could be the year we reach “peak coal” thanks to China’s rapid transition to wind and solar energy. Despite today’s high CO2 emissions during the manufacturing of electric car batteries, a drastic reduction is predicted to a 15th of current levels by 2030 if companies like Northvolt achieve their goals.

Current electric cars, with batteries still leaving a significant CO2 footprint, are expected to substantially reduce their emissions when cleaner battery manufacturing goals are met. With green electricity in the batteries, electric cars will emit a fraction of the CO2 compared to today’s fossil-fuel-powered cars. The driving forces behind this change come not only from consumer demand but also from financial markets and regulatory authorities. Companies worldwide are setting ambitious goals to align with the Paris Agreement, and many are already surpassing its ambitious targets.

This is just the beginning of the green wave. With strong pressure from various stakeholders in society, companies are motivated to continue their transition to more sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. Every sector will be affected as the transition happens rapidly. We observe a widespread need for changed and renewed skills; companies must quickly adapt to meet this massive technological shift, and new fast-growing players are replacing established ones very quickly.

All of this places significant demands on all of us to become even more agile and responsive to meet emerging needs. New knowledge requirements and service segments emerge, and to bridge the gap when skills need to move, the gig economy, including the interim industry, seems to be one of the solutions many companies turn to, as interim companies excel at quickly relocating skilled specialists from traditional markets to new ones.

New companies also need high flexibility, different types of expertise during various phases, and interim consultants are a convenient solution, allowing for quick deployment of the right knowledge at the right time without getting hindered by the obstacles in the traditional job market. Additionally, green and sustainable work opportunities within the gig economy may arise, while demands for eco-friendly practices and sustainability increase to reflect the global transition. The green wave is rolling in, and its impact will be felt at all levels of society.

This was the first of three drivers identified by Kairos future as world-changing drivers. You will be able to take part in the other two and our own reflections here on our news pages in the coming weeks.

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