BayInCo podcast –
Emil Pettersen in focus

Who is this Norwegian eco-warrior? We meet with Emil who is facing many different challenges to get his business up and running. Sustainability already a highly controversial subject to defend, to COVID and fires. Yet this warrior will not surrender and his fight goes on. Emil signifies everything we describe as BE ALL YOU CAN […]

Superstars of the week
– Your solution?

Every week we post a small sample of our great interim consultants here so you can get a sense of which profiles we have available at the moment, but don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you don’t find what you’re looking for here. We always have more interim consultant with great profiles […]

BayInCo podcast –
Linda Åhnbrink in focus

Who are Generation Z and what makes them so different from previous generations such as Millenials, Generation X and Baby Boomers? We meet Linda Åhnbrink, Senior Project Manager competence supply at the Gothenburg region, where we talk about everything from social media, “OMG” and why heterogeneous groups are now standard. Don’t miss our episode with […]

BayInCo podcast –
Johan Åstrand in focus

Curious about what it’s like to be an interim consultant? We put the question to a very experienced Interim CFO… Meet Johan Åstrand – A curious mid-6th and interim CFO who looks after people, strives for “SSK” with “KISS” as a guiding light. Don’t miss our episode with Johan, a positive economist, where he shares […]

BayInCo podcast –
Marcus Scoliege in focus

What do you know about Gothenburg? and who would have thought Ice cream can feature so highly……… Meeting Marcus Scoliège (Head Foreign Direct Investment) from @Business Region Gothenburg was a very special opportunity. Marcus himself is a foreigner to Gothenburg and has lived in Sweden for many years supporting the growth of our once small […]

Turning Adversity into Advantage with Interim Management

In an era marked by rapid change and unpredictable challenges, businesses are increasingly turning to interim management as a strategic solution to not only navigate adversity but to capitalize on it. This adaptive approach allows companies to harness specialized expertise on a temporary basis to address critical issues, drive change, and optimize operations in ways […]

Seven trends for 2024 –
#4 With your fingers in the cookie jar

That pioneering spirit can be beneficial, of course, but when it’s driven by powerful forces such as the green transition, the AI revolution, and the new geopolitics, the effects can sometimes unexpectedly impact certain parts of society. So, what can we then expect more specifically from 2024 and the years to come? We continue our […]

BayInCo podcast –
Urban Björn in focus

Meet Urban Björn a Finance guy that preaches equality McKinsey captured the phrase ”Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. If diversity is another word for variety, how can it enhance or flavour the world?Diversity, equity, and inclusion are three closely linked values held by many organizations that are working to be supportive […]

Seven trends for 2024 –
#3 The big data theft

The green transition, the AI revolution, and the new geopolitics will soon affect almost every part of society, directly and indirectly. Nothing is obvious or simple anymore. So what can we then expect more concretely from 2024 and the years thereafter? We have begun our journey through the seven trends that will affect us all […]

Navigating the Knowledge Economy

In today’s working world, things are shifting and let’s be real – interim “pros” are turning the knowledge game on its head. Here at BayInCo, we’re seeing up close how these sharp-minded business professionals shake things up with fresh ideas, and help companies stay ahead of the curve. Gone are the days when full-timers had […]